Coyote Fur Trim Collar/Cuff Strips



  • 100% Authentic Coyote Fur
  • 1 strip is made from multiple pieces
  • Leather backing: 2x26 inches
  • long gray/tan guard hairs, thick pale underfur
  • durable Leather underside
  • Brand: FRR
  • Made in Canada
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FRR™ Coyote Fur Trim Collar/Cuff Strips

Our high quality genuine 26x2 in Natural Coyote Fur Trim has long guard hairs with dense underfur. The fur is often a pale grey or tan color with thick, paler underfur. This strip is perfect for making fur accessories--especially collars or cuffs--or home decor items.

Customer Reviews for Coyote Fur Trim Collar/Cuff Strips

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From: Kent, England

Verified Buyer

I ordered a coyote fur trim to replace an existing one on a winter coat. Quick delivery and really pleased with the product.

From: Saskatoon, Sk

Verified Buyer

Bought this coyote pelt to replace the ugly fake fur on my winter coat, when it arrived it was way better than I thought! Beautiful fur!

From: Essex Ontario

Verified Buyer

I'd give it a 4.5 if I could. Nice piece of fur, in great shape. Only drawback is that it is actually three pieces sewn together however they made the middle and the ends match. Well sewn. I cut it in half for a hood that zips in half. The fur is plenty long enough to cover the zipper in the middle and the same goes for covering for the ends which are shorter (on the leather side) than the original. Good dependable service.

From: NYC

Verified Buyer

I bought this to replace a cheap and ugly faux trim that came with a hooded coat I bought. Overall I'm quite happy with it. I just wished it was a bit wider so it looked a bit fuller when attached to the hood. The fur is very soft and is good quality. Beautiful color.

From: new jersey

Verified Buyer

Rep who took order got it right! Fur is beautiful, very full on my hood. Excellent Product

From: Southern Ontario

Verified Buyer

I used the fur trim to replace the one that came with the winter jacket You might want to double the size to get the fullness..on certain hoods Very pleased with product.....

From: London

Verified Buyer

Nice fur - I want to use it on my hood. Only issue is that its thicker in the middle of the piece and almost tapers. This means it is thinner at the ends. So not sure if i can use it as it is.

Suzi Rose
From: Uk

Verified Buyer

Amazing piece of fur, I have attached it to the hood on my white Spyder ski jacket and it looks amazing. Thanks x

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