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Fur Keychain Tails

Adding just an accent to your handbag, backpack, laptop case, or jeans is as easy as buying one of our fur tails. They clip on and off easily courtesy of their metal chain and hardware. These genuine fur tails are perfect for that extra flair without breaking the bank. In fact, with prices like these, our selection of tails make great gifts as well.

Full Fur Tails

Raccoon Fur Tail KeychainMade in Canada
Raccoon Fur Tail Keychain
(8 reviews)
Coyote Fur Tail KeychainMade in Canada
Coyote Fur Tail Keychain
(12 reviews)
Red Fox Fur Tail KeychainPre-OrderMade in Canada
Red Fox Fur Tail Keychain
(20 reviews)
Crystal Fox Fur Tail KeychainSpecialMade in the USA
Crystal Fox Fur Tail Keychain
Sale Price: $24.95 
(8 reviews)
Silver Fox Fur Tail KeychainSold OutMade in Canada
Silver Fox Fur Tail Keychain
(8 reviews)
Mink Fur Tail KeychainMade in Canada
Mink Fur Tail Keychain
(4 reviews)

Fox Fur Keychains

Rabbit Fur Keychains

About our Fur Keychain Tails

We offer a great selection of furs and colors. We have raccoon fur, coyote fur, red fox fur, black fox fur, brown fox fur, white fox fur, crystal fox fur, silver indigo fox fur, blue fox fur, silver fox fur, light brown fox fur, and mink fur tails.

These tails range from 8 inches for the mink up to 18 inches for the coyote. The exact length varies depending on the specific tail. The chain and fastener add a short length on top of the natural length of each tail.

Your imagination is the only limit of what you can do with these versatile accessories. We suggest using them to accent your purse, backpack, or laptop bag; attaching them to your keys or telephone (additional hardware required for the phone depending on the model of course); or hanging them from your jacket, skirt, or jeans.

Each of these tails is made by FRR and they are each made in Canada, giving you the chance to buy North American. These tails are all compliant with the Origin Assured program from the International Fur Trade Federation, meaning they are sourced only from species and countries that follow standards governing fur production. In addition, since fur is a natural resource which is not made from petrochemicals, and it is renewable and sustainable, you are being environmentally conscious when buying one of these fur tails.

Recent Reviews About our Fur Keychain Tails

Red Fox Fur Tail Keychain
Jacob from Montreal, QC, Canada
Red Fox Fur Tail Keychain
February 10, 2015
"My girlfirend was happy to receive this product, she attached it to her purse. Great quality and it looks good."
Coyote Fur Tail Keychain
KujoWolf from Vancouver, Wa
Coyote Fur Tail Keychain
January 25, 2015
"My coyote tail keychain arrived on time. It's a beautiful piece of work and exactly what I wanted! Will definitely be doing my fur purchases through fursource!"
Coyote Fur Tail Keychain
Eli from Nova Scotia
Coyote Fur Tail Keychain
January 24, 2015
"Beautiful tail. Keychain attachment is better quality than expected; good and strong. Shipped very quickly. Will wear with respect to the coyote and remember his or her sacrifice."
Mink Fur Tail Keychain
Ron from Texas
Mink Fur Tail Keychain
December 11, 2014
"This mink tail will be a perfect addition to my daughters collection! This makes 5 fur source tails. Thanks for shipping fast."
Pieced Medium Rabbit Fur Key Chain
slee from Canada
Pieced Medium Rabbit Fur Key Chain
November 28, 2014
"This is a cool key chain. Well worth the $10."
Crystal Fox Fur Tail Keychain
Dean from NM
Crystal Fox Fur Tail Keychain
August 4, 2014
"I use the product s a tail on my back belt loop and I love everything about it! It is extremely soft, well crafted, and durable as well. The design is lovely and shipping was very easy. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an awesome tail."

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 As many of us are enjoying the beautiful summer weather we have stored away our precious furs and traded them for lighter clothes that will keep us cool on those hot days.  Even though our fur pieces are stored safely for the summer months that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your fabulous fur for good. The latest trend that has been seen on several celebrities and featured in fashion magazines is the Fur Tail Keychain.  Reality T.V star and up...

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