Cowhide Rugs


Genuine Cowhides are a great addition to any home that aspires to add contrast and depth into a living space. Cowhides are in some cases are considered to be a natural material that is used as a neutral amenity for decorating. Placed in a room with a color pallet that would be considered mono toned. A cowhide would be able to lift the colors out and compliment them in a way that doesn’t over power them or wash them out. When there are tones of darker hues involved in the pallet, the individual has the opportunity to expand on their horizons decorating wise.


There have been homes that have cowhides being paired with light colors or neutral tones that usually never go with the cowhide. We no longer link cowhides with country living. Home owners have taken the cowhide and have transformed it into an item that contemporary homeowners would display in their homes.


The durability of a cowhide is one of the main reasons why people are going with cowhides to be fashioned in their homes. A cowhide rug provides natural durability with the classic finish it provides. These hides offer long durability in high foot traffic areas as well as they are hypoallergenic. Since the hairs on a hide are low profile, they are not a magnet for allergens and bacteria.


Usually, the main purpose of choosing a cowhide rug is not only for the durability but it is also a piece that naturally stands out on its own. In spaces that have colors that are very similar in base tones, placing a cowhide rug into the room breaks up the different tones that look almost identical. However, in the case of a room where the color is consistent all the way through, incorporating a different texture into the room helps break up the components that have been added into the design.


Incorporating cowhides into a room with an accent area has become a trend that is also a very contemporary way to show off a cowhide. The rug becomes apart of the design in a way that works with the accent wall. It contrasts with the hue of the wall as well as works with it all at once. The rugs characteristics, color and pattern are strong enough to stand out against the vigour color of the wall. In the case of a room with pattern, a cowhide rug is a perfect addition. The cowhide rug works similar to a mono toned color space in that it breaks up the pattern but also enhances the individuality that the pattern embodies.


When incorporating a cowhide rug into a space, try not to limit yourself on where to place your cowhide. For instance, a cowhide can be used in a bathroom to eliminate the feeling of cold clinical aura that a bathroom can convey. When placing cowhides in the space there is an automatic shift in not only the appearance but in the responsiveness that it will bring to others.


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