Fur Hammock

fur hammock
Hammocks are traditionally used outdoors however when you add the luxury of fur you can take this ordinary outdoor accessory and make it a unique and cozy space in your home. Fur hammocks will accentuate your house and really become a conversation piece for all your guests.


Our blankets and pillows can be easily placed upon your indoor hammock to add style, comfort and texture. Whether you’re choosing our lush fox fur or thick and silky coyote blankets, you’re sure to accentuate your living space.

You’ll love to rest your head on a plush pillow and cover up with a fur blanket. No matter what color you’re going for, you can’t go wrong with these accessories!

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Traditional sheepskin rugs are timeless. Here at Fur Source we offer a range of single to octo sized rugs for any room. Just place your sheepskin rug on a hammock and create a sweet place to hang out.

Our range of chic and comfortable sheepskin is great for a lush piece that is certainly guaranteed to beautify your home

Sheepskin Hammock Chair
Consider using one of our genuine coyote blankets to create a fur hammock in stunning shades of natural browns. This blanket would add natural beauty to your hammock and become the ultimate indoor or outdoor getaway.


A Black Fox blanket adds bold style to a hammock. With the addition of our black fox blanket your home will feature contemporary modern flair with touches of soft comfort. Create your dream space with this stunning addition.

Look to a hammock decorated with fur accents to create a restful and peaceful place to relax. This luxurious item is the perfect accent to your house.

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