Hip Hop Artist Macklemore Wears Fur

Hip Hop artist Macklemore, who is widely known for his hit “Thrift Shop”, can often be seen wearing fur.

He showed up to the MTV VMA’s last weekend wearing a mint green suit with a chinchilla scarf draped over his shoulders.  Can anyone say best dressed male?


Macklemore wore a couple different fur coats in his video for “Thrift Shop”, this lush coat seen below was one


While this more eccentric coat served as the album art for this particular single,


Macklemore may enjoy the large and sometimes slightly outrageous fur coats but he also knows how to tone it down and incorporate fur into casual, every day looks.  Below he is seen wearing a neutral fur collar around his neck, paired with a simple denim button up and white t-shirt.  This is a perfect example of how men can wear fur in their day to day look.


Macklemore is one of the hottest hip hop artist today and like many of his peers he enjoys the luxurious benefits of fur.  He shows us how to enjoy the extravagant side of fur as well as the casual, everyday look and he looks great in all of it!

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