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The freezing vortex that we call winter will shortly creep up on us; our thoughts lead us straight to natural materials that will keep us warm throughout the long winter season. Seeing as we sympathize with everyone on the down side of winter, we have decided to shine a warm light on how you can incorporate a new look into an old piece. We say, its time to give that dated piece of furniture some loving that it’s been hoping for. Our take on refurbished upholstery is a fabulous idea.

Currently, people have looked to themselves to take on the job as handyman/woman. The ability to be the crafts person entails that you get to have control of the process before, during, and after the upholstering. It would be easier to trade in that old arm chair for a brand new one; however, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to have that personalized look that most people fail to get when they buy a new piece at a store. A fur with a colorful variation such as our red fox fur pelts are a great way to mix individuality with a classic piece such as this ottoman.


When you begin to think about upholstering an item such as a chair or an ottoman, there are so many options that you can go with. A natural material that is non traditional such as a fur pelt is always a great option to consider because of the natural variation it offers. A great example would be our cowhides that are not only great for reupholstering but are known for their durability. You want your home to have as much as yourself as possible, and what better way then to incorporate something that nobody has.

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If full on fur is not your style, you can always mix it up with a variation of materials. Another way to show natural variation and personality is by incorporating fur onto a certain part of your upholstered item. This is also a great way to show some contrast within the design of both the fur and the fabric. When you incorporate the two materials together you can also see the relationship between the two textures.


An advantage to incorporating fur into furniture is that it automatically becomes an interest piece from all angles of the space. Upholstering fur onto your old furniture not only gives it that designer detail touch that we see in professionally designed rooms. It is a novelty technique that will behold sentimental value.


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