Style Spotlight: Kate Moss

Top model Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday on January 16th so we decided it would be fitting to celebrate her glamorous fur fashion in honour of her big day.

Kate wears the majority of her fur in forms of coats and jackets and she pulls it off  flawlessly.  Below she can be seen in this elegant grey coat, the neutral colour allows for a very chic look.


Next, we have Kate in an edgy Red Fox Fur coat that is attention grabbing and fabulous.  If being the centre of attention is what you live for, like Kate Moss, then a Red Fox Fur coat is a must have for your winter wardrobe.


White fur is often thought of as a timeless and glamorous choice making it perfect for Kate Moss, a model who has stayed on top of the fashion game for decades and looked flawless all throughout.


Patterned fur is one of this seasons hottest trends and Kate Moss proves that she can pull off even the most daring looks in this black and yellow coat.


Kate Moss has been one of the most coveted models in the fashion industry for years, she is glamorous and edgy which is why her choice to wear fur is so fitting.  We can’t wait to see what this flawless beauty will wear next!

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