Textualize and Visualize


Fur and leather

When decorating with genuine fur and leather, you can make a room look very modern, chic, and edgy with very contrasting colors and tones. Or you can make a room look cozy, laid back, and classic with warmer tones that work well based on similar shades. These materials work well together because they are very diverse with how different their textures are. Fur is a multi faceted material with different hues that behold a distinct pattern through feel and appearance. Leather is a material that is very durable and develops a better look with age. Both create a sense of textual relief; this creates balance in the design concept of a room. Similarly, one can relate this to hot and cold. If the room embodies too much leather, it looks too cold. If the room carries too much fur, then the shape of the room can drown in the draping and density of pattern. You want to be able to look back at the space and appreciate the pattern of the fur along side the distinct and smooth lines of leather. This in conclusion creates harmony between the look of both natural fibres. These two natural materials are great natural neutrals, they contribute well towards the look of a room and they carry the appearance of luxury and opulence.


Coyote Fur Blanket

Fur and Wood

When considering the relationship between wood and fur, one can only imagine the look of rustic surroundings, woodsy environments, and the feel of comfort. Reclaimed wood specifically, delivers a natural texture that is a key ingredient in accomplishing the modern rustic look that we have come to notice a trend in. The earthy tones work well with some cool hued furs. Again, the balance of color and pattern are key toward enhancing the scale, character, and creativity of the individual materials showcased in the space. In this case, the varied shades of natural furs in relation to the aged roughness of the wood. The light hues of a fur enhance dark imperfects that some wood carry as well as soften the raw feel that it may express. Such as the variety of fur throws that we offer will be a great accent for the cosiest living spaces. This is also a good way to bring nature into a space that one can be “roughing it” without the disconnect of being away from your own home.


Crystal Fox Fur Blanket

Fur and Concrete

The look of fur and concrete embodies the look of a contemporary space. Again, this is another example of incorporating exterior matter into the home. Playing up different textures and materials give the design concept a breath of fresh air. Concrete is best described to be a solid one dimensional object. This may sound unappealing; however this just makes concrete the perfect candidate for one to add their own take on contemporary industrial chic. Concrete works well paired with a monochromatic furs such as coyote, mahogany mink, as well as silver and red fox. This enhances the relationship between the multi tones that are present in the fur. Such as our genuine fur rugs, these are offered in several different type of furs that are great for any space. Incorporating, mainly industrial pieces in one room can look sever on their own, but using natural materials such as fur can soften and tie the whole look together.


Sheared Beaver Fur Rug

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