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Mountain Man

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The Mountain Man hat, also known as Davy Crockett style, is a classic hat that will never go out of style. All of our Mountain Man hat styles include a genuine long full fur tail. They also have retractable ear flaps sewn on the interior that can be worn down for extra warmth or neatly tucked inside the hat.
Our Mountain Man hats are offered with or without a professionally mounted face, depending on your preference.
If you are looking for a unique look try our beautiful skunk fur hat. Skunk Fur is rare, when made into a hat it is a definite conversational work of art. For a more affordable Mountain Man hat style we have included our natural brown rabbit fur model with genuine raccoon fur tail. We hope you enjoy shopping for the hat that never goes out of style.
Our signature Davy Crockett hat style for women is a great addition to your wardrobe and will always be in style.
Our Davy Crockett fur hat style is offered in various fur types. If you like a traditional look then you are likely looking for our Davy Crockett hat style in raccoon fur with a raccoon fur tail. All of our Davy Crockett hat styles come with a genuine fur tail. Raccoon fur is natural and soft and is a long hair full fur.
We have also included the Davy Crockett hat style in raccoon fur with a professionally mounted face. All our women's Davy Crockett Hat styles are offered with a professionally mounted face or without depending on your preference. Coyote fur looks very rich in our ladies Davy Crockett hat style. Coyote fur is a beautiful soft long hair full fur worn by men and women and will last for many years.
Our red fox fur Davy Crockett style hat is fun to wear and looks great with any outdoors outfit. Red fox fur is soft fur, with a natural red tint a bit of white and a hint of brown. Brand new this season at a very affordable price we offer our Davy Crockett hat style in natural brown rabbit fur. Our rabbit fur is silky soft and wears very well.