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Keeping warm with fur blankets


Fur blankets are the whole package, they’re exceptionally warm and super stylish, it’s a win/win situation!  The fur blanket has been making a huge comeback in the interior design world and it can be used for any style room, whether it be elegant and chic or rustic.  There are many different options when it comes to fur blankets, from the fur type to the design there are several options to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a fur blanket.

Fur Type

Rex Rabbit

  • Rex Rabbit is extremely soft, it is often compared to velvet
  • This type of fur will not shed, no need to worry about excess hair on you or your furniture
  • A Rex Rabbit fur blanket is the least expensive, so if you are shopping on a budget consider this option


  • Fox Fur is exceptionally luscious
  • This fur is long and very soft to the touch
  • The long fur offers a very luxurious look and the different fur color options allow for versatility, you can put this blanket anywhere and it will look great


  • Coyote fur is long and dense with a thick underfur
  • The neutral, pale color will match perfectly with just about any color and is great to achieve a rustic look or a chic feel
  • Coyote fur blankets are very popular with interior designers


  • Mink fur is soft and short, giving the blanket a sleek and clean look
  • Very durable and resilient fur which means that a Mink fur blanket will last you for a long time with the proper care

Sheared Beaver

  • The softest fur blanket of them all
  • Sheared Beaver is velvety soft, it has an extremely luxurious feel
  • Not only is this fur soft but it is also very warm
  • Sheared beaver allows for a lustrous look that is one of a kind

Natural Rabbit

  • Natural Rabbit is short and soft fur
  • Perfect type of fur if you have a budget to work with
  • This fur gives off an organic look that will subtly enhance any room

Lamb Fur

  • Lamb is one of the warmest furs available
  • It's very resilient and extremely comfortable
  • It has soft, hollow fibers that help regulate body temperature. Air flows freely between your body and the sheepskin blanket, providing the utmost in comfort.

Faux Fur

  • Faux Fur blankets may not be real fur but they are just as soft, if not softer than animal fur
  • Velvety soft feel
  • It is Extremely warm
  • Faux Fur is the least expensive

Makes of Blanket


  • A knit fur blanket is very lightweight, it makes for a perfect throw to go at the end of your bed or on a couch
  • The knitted design uses the same technique as a wool knitted blanket except it features fur yarn instead of wool
  • A knit blanket is very elegant

Pieced Fur

  • A pieced fur blanket is when smaller sections of the fur is used and pieced together to create one larger piece
  • There is a lot of depth to this style of blanket, great conversation piece for any room

Full Pelt

  • A full pelt blanket is exactly how it sounds, full pelts (not pieces) are used to create the blanket
  • Full pelt blankets are very sleek and beautiful
  • They are extremely popular with interior designers and look great just about anywhere

Fur blankets and throws are exquisitely designed to fulfill our desires to get a real deep sleep. The softness of the fur blankets and throws will give us the comfy feeling that will surely put us to long hours of sleep. The fur blankets and throws come in different sizes, colors, shapes and style. So, you’ll definitely have an array to choose. Whatever you like for fur blankets and throw; you can get it. They are made up of great quality materials and 100 percent real fur blanket. You will be given a great number of options for the fur blankets and throws, which will allow you to have wider and bigger choices.

Since the beginning of history, fur blankets have been a way for men and women to combat the weather.  Over the generations, these plush blankets became a status symbol.  Today people realize real fur is a green alternative to faux fur blankets.  Real fur is biodegradable and lasts for many years. Often families pass down knit fur blankets to their children and grandchildren.

Fur blankets are often used as throws on a sofa or chair.  The beauty of sheepskin blankets with matching sheepskin pillows is unsurpassed.  Irresistible pieced fur blankets add a rustic touch to any setting and are a perfect way to ward off a chill.  Silky beaver pelts are also a popular and durable choice.  Backed by satin, these blankets are always soft against the skin.

Many people also use full pelt fur blankets as bedspreads.  They are available in an array of natural colors to complement any décor.  Fantastic furry blankets come in twin, full, queen and king sizes to fit any bed size. At the end of a long day, stroking fur also provides a relaxing sense of comfort. These gorgeous blankets help some people fall asleep.

Full pelt fur blankets go beyond throw blankets and comforters.  Many people use them as rugs to add an inviting feeling to walkways, entrances and other areas.  Classic sheepskin blankets in front of a fireplace offer the ultimate sense of comfort on a winter evening or any time of the year.  They also make a comfortable place to lie and watch the fire or a favorite television show.

Bring natural elements indoors with fabulous fur blankets in various sizes and colors.  Their exceptional quality and superior warmth make them a premium choice.  They are also a green option that brings together sophistication and social consciousness.



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