Coyote Fur Pelts Hides Skins & Fur Blankets - Tanned Coyote Fur

The fur of the coyote is beautiful and soft. The long-haired fur, often pale gray or tan in color with thick, paler underfur, is durable and warm and makes luxurious hats and coats for both men and women. Their fur is resilient, warm, and beautiful, so many people choose to purchase items made with coyote fur as both a fashion accessory and a source of warm clothing.| The Native Americans used the fur from a coyote for a wide variety of things, particularly as an accent to tools and instruments, as well as in dream catchers and rattles. Today, coyote fur is used as a luxurious fur to make coats, hats, and other garments. The fur of this beautiful animal makes a great insulator as well as a beautiful piece of clothing. Its diverse uses and appearances make it a sought after treasure that is not only useful but also looks natural and beautiful.