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  • Fur Blankets

    Fur Blankets

    <p>Tonight, wrap up the evening in a real fur blanket or throw. These <strong>100% authentic prime quality Canadian and American Fur</strong> pieces lend an air of unparalleled beauty, providing a mantle of welcoming coziness to your relaxation time. Our blankets and throws are expertly handcrafted by our professional furriers. Only the finest fur pelts are selected for use in our blankets. Guaranteed to impress your friends, these incredible <strong>fur blankets and pillows</strong> can give your bed or living room a completely new look! Matching <strong><a href="">Fur Pillows</a> </strong>will help create a very exotic environment. The quality and detail are exceptional, you'll never want to leave your bed! <br /><br /> When cold air comes to a calling, nothing but nothing heeds the appeal more effectively than genuine fur. Wrap yourself in one of our real fur comforters or throws and luxuriate in the warmth that only the real stuff can deliver. All of our blankets are made of only authentic fur, promising unequaled coziness to whomever they enclose in their embrace, whether that be a TV-watching couch sitter or a bedtime-bound nighttime retiree. Our bedspreads are available in a variety of textiles, including beaver and coyote pelts; knit-fur rabbit throws; fox, coyote, and mink pieced-fur blankets; sheepskin blankets; and extraordinary beaver, coyote, rabbit, and fox full-pelt blankets. All are made with the highest quality of materials and constructed with the most thorough attention to detail.</p>
  • Fur Rugs

    Fur Rugs

    <p>What adds more natural warmth and comfort to a room than a <b>Real Fur Rug</b>? Offering unique elegance, these gorgeous floor coverings are available in a selection of options, from <b>silver indigo fox to tanned caribou hides</b>. Each fur type confers new dignity and comfort on the room it adorns. Some of our more handsome rugs in <b>beaver and coyote fur</b> or our <b><a href="">Sheep Fur Rugs</a></b>, deliver immediate fashion statements to the space they beautify. So bypass those big-box-hawked, man-made, synthetic-fiber-constructed rugs and opt for the real deal the next time you’re looking to cover up a bare patch of floor. These <b>Real Fur Rugs</b> are sure to liven up your space with as much edge as grace. If you're also ready to go that extra mile, then why not add some additional fur compliments with a <b><a href="">Fur Pillow</a></b> and a matching <b><a href="">Fur Blanket</a></b>.</p>
  • Fur Pelts & Trim

    Fur Pelts & Trim

    <p>For those <b>Real Fur</b> lovers out there who are always on the hunt for opportunities to add the <b>Finest Furs</b> to their lives, we make it easy with an abundance of <b>commercially tanned Fur Pelts, Trims, Plates & Pieces</b>. <b>Full Pelts & Plates</b> are often used by manufacturers of <b>fur hats, coats, blankets, and other home accessories</b>. But we make our assortment of <b>Genuine Furs</b> available to anyone with creative plans for any type of project! Fur pelts consist of skin leather, guard hairs and under fur. The guard hairs are the long glossy hairs that overlay the shorter, denser under fur. The guard hairs help to repel moisture in addition to protecting the under fur from damage. The under fur primarily serves to insulate the skin, especially in cold climates. For this reason, furs from northern areas are generally higher in quality and of more value than those from southern regions. Fur "primeness" refers to the degree of development of the animal's winter pelt. All furbearing animals undergo at least one annual molt. Summer pelts are thin and flat and are of little or no value as furs. In the fall, as the days begin to shorten. the winter fur grows in. Although many people think that low temperatures cause pelts to prime, the primary process is actually regulated by photo period (day length). Weather can make some differences, however. For example a cloudy, gray fall will cause furs to prime up more quickly than they would in a bright, sunny fall because of the difference in light levels. The most popular furbearing pelts & skins include coyote, red and gray fox, bobcat, fisher, raccoon, skunk, mink, otter, beaver, muskrat, and opossum. These <b>Pelts & Plates</b> are also often used as a <b><a href="">Fur Rug</a></b> accent, which are just as beautiful are our <b><a href="">Cow Hide Rugs</a></b>.</p>
  • Fur Wraps & Shawls

    Fur Wraps & Shawls

    <p>Wrap yourself in <strong>luxury</strong> this winter with one of our many fur wraps and shawls. These beautiful fur accessories are easy to buy as gifts since they are one size fits all. These 100% real fur wraps and shawls will be sure to keep you warm during those cold winter days. Accentuate any wardrobe with our <strong>luxurious mink wrap, luscious fox fur shawls or high quality affordable rabbit fur shawls</strong> and feel like you've never felt before! You'll never want to take it off!</p>
  • Fur Coats For Women

    Fur Coats For Women

    <p>It’s time to abolish any long-held perceptions about <b>Fur Coats & Vests</b> being the exclusive domain of the rich and famous alone. Our luxurious <b>Men’s & Women’s Fur Coats</b> are as affordable to purchase as they are lovely to behold. And no one needs to pick between fashion and function here. Lucky for you, our fine furs don’t stop at that. We have a large range of <b>ladies' <a href="">Mink Fur Coats</a>, <a href="">Fox Fur Coats</a>, <a href="">Rabbit Fur Coats</a></b>, along with <b>Shearling Sheepskin, Mongolian Lamb, and Raccoon Fur Jackets and Vests</b>. Each piece is as ravishing as they are warm because nothing offers the same kind of cozy warmth that these thick, naturally insulated, sumptuous pelts do. <b>Knitted, sculptured, printed, hooded, short, long, full-length</b>, these <b>100% Authentic Fur Jackets</b> are available in an impressive variety of colors and styles. No matter which fur you treat yourself to, you can be assured that your splendid new <b><a href="">Genuine Fur Gilet</a>, Jacket, or Coat</b> will do the trick.</p>
  • Fur Accessories

    Fur Accessories

    <p><b>Real fur accessories</b> can brighten up your mood & look on even the most dull of days. From <b><a href="">fur wraps & shawls</a>, scarves, <a href="">fur collars</a>, to earmuffs, and <a href="">fur trim gloves</a></b>, you're sure to find the perfect cold weather companion. These <b>Fur Clothing Accessories</b> are made in a number of fur types and colors that will go great with anything! Whether you're looking for a <b>fur headband</b> to keep your head warm, or looking for a <b>fur purse</b> to accentuate that fancy work outfit, we have what you're looking for.</p>
  • New Arrivals

    New Arrivals

  • Fur Coats For Men

    Fur Coats For Men

    <p>Men can stay stylish in the chilly months of the year with one of our real fur coats from Fur Source. Our collection of men's fur coats can be designed with a variety of 100% genuine materials, including classic <a href="">rabbit</a> or brazen fox fur. Our fur coats for men are distinguished and durable with special hardware and reversible designs. Our fur coats for men can be crafted with Napa leather accents for a handsome look and extra protection against the cold. Take a glance at our women's <a href="">fur jackets</a> to match your impeccable style with the special woman in your life.</p>
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