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5 simple elegant ways to wear fur stole

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Is there anything more elegant than the image of a woman dressed in a long fur stole? A quality stole made from real furs is one of the most popular fur items available on the market today. The image of a fur stole evokes a sense of effortless elegance, timeless sophistication, and graceful style. High quality stoles continue to steal the show when it comes to modern fashion, but do you know how to wear them properly? Pulling off a mink stole is easier than you might think. When you work these five styling tips into your next ensemble, your outfit is sure to gain some attention from the audience.

Wear your stole as a vest

When the weather is just slightly chilly, you can pair your stole with a light jacket in an endless number of ways.  One of the most popular ways is to sport it around your neck and draped down your front half like an open vest. This will require a longer length than some of the other styling tips on this list, but it creates a cozy option for an afternoon out. The appearance of a vest gives you a casual vibe that makes your stole more versatile and gives you a wider range of places to wear it. It becomes a wiser investment when you know that you can pull it out of the closet multiple times each week instead of only once in a while. Pair your “vest” with a button-down shirt for a look that can be ultra-casual or slightly more sophisticated. Silk shirts pair beautifully with fur for an elegant appearance. This can even go underneath a coat for a “peek-a-boo” effect if you don’t plan to let your stole steal the spotlight. Pair them with dark jeans and heels for an even more striking ensemble.

Create a faux collar on jackets

Do you have a wonderful medium-length wool coat that would look better with a fur collar? You can use a short fur stole to mimic the look of a genuine fur collar without investing in an entirely new coat. All you need to do is drape the stole over your shoulders and arrange it over the collar of your coat. This can look stunning with several potential coat cuts and styles. For example, a pea coat with a wide belt to cinch it shut can benefit from a furry addition. You may even find a collarless coat that you can dress up a little bit with a fur stole around your shoulders. Not only does this tip make your coat appear more elegant and expensive, but it also provides a way to keep your shoulders, neck, and chest warmer. These parts of your body are often exposed to the winter elements because coats don’t close up to the neck. With a genuine fur stole adorning your neck, you can better protect your body from the elements.

Drape it around yourself like a blanket

If the bitter winter air is cutting straight through a flimsy dress, consider using your stole as a sort of blanket to protect yourself. This can apply to a dress that perhaps should have been retired when fall was fading away or to a floor-length evening gown. A particularly stylish fashionista may even be able to pull off this draping with a pair of well-tailored jeans and an elegant, flowing top. This versatile trick is comfortable for a variety of situations and can be dressed up or down accordingly. A wide stole should be able to cover your shoulders and parts of the upper arm when draped properly. Alternatively, you could allow it to cover most of the arm and keep it positioned right in the crook of the elbow as you hold it closed loosely with the hand. Much like a wrap or pashmina shawl, an elegant stole can add a warming layer to an outfit and give you easy access to style. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a blanket out of the house, but a genuine fur stole can give you all the same benefits while being stunningly fashionable.

Treat the stole like a scarf

A scarf is one of the most basic elements of winter wear with patterns and designs abounding. You can opt for a scarf with a delicate floral pattern or a knit scarf designed for warmth. Perhaps the best option of all is to select a medium to long-length fur stole to keep your neck warm this winter. While you want to be careful not to allow the fur stole to fold too much, you can certainly drape it around the back of your neck and cross the ends over one another in the front. This allows you to make the “scarf” the focal point of your entire outfit, as it will be front and center on your torso. This tip works particularly well if you allow the rest of your outfit to remain neutral. You really want to allow the natural beauty of real fur to shine in this outfit. It’s also a great idea to save unique or uncommon types of quality fur stoles for a fashionable ensemble like this one. It will bring them the attention that they truly deserve from admiring onlookers.

Pair a brightly colored stole with vintage clothing

Are you a fashion-forward dresser who wants to make a statement with their outfit? Try this unique pairing with a brightly-colored fur stole with a vintage outfit to draw a few stares. You may have to search a little harder in your closet to make this pairing possible, but it’s well worth the effort. The vintage outfit will be a cute throwback to the times where stoles were significantly more popular. With the juxtaposition of a more modern fur stole, such as a pastel pink or purple, your outfit is certain to make a statement. Consider rummaging through thrift stores in your area to find the best vintage items to pair with your stole. You’ll have the best selection at one of these places and the lowest price tag. It’s a fashion-conscious way to save a few dollars and recycle someone else’s unwanted clothing. Another benefit is that your outfit is bound to be one of a kind.

Experiment with Style

A genuine fur stole of any variety can make a serious statement when it comes to your ensemble. Even modern day fashion has ensured that a quality stole holds a place as being elegant and sophisticated, no matter how you choose to wear it. The question is, what type of fur stole do you really want to add to your closet? If you’ve been on the fence about what size stole to purchase, you may want to consider buying a longer piece of fur. Your styling options expand significantly when there is more fur to work with. You can use a longer stole for most of the styles on this listing and many other unique ways as well. Don’t allow your fur stole to collect dust in the back of your closet because you’re intimidated by how to wear it. Pull it out and start experimenting with how it can fit into your winter wardrobe today.




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