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When you're cuddled up by the fire, enjoying your time at home with your loved ones, nothing makes your time more enjoyable than being snug under a nice, warm, blanket. Just like a coat keeps you warm when you're outside, a beautiful blanket is a key to staying nice and toasty in the harsh winter months, and if your power goes out or you find yourself without a source of heat to keep warm, a fur blanket can be just what you need.

Functionality aside, a quality blanket also is the centerpiece of any living room and can make or break a design scheme. While novelty blankets are fun, nothing beats a good, stylish blanket when you are trying to make a statement about your home decor.

Fur has come back in style, for both fashion and practicality. With premium, 100% fur blankets, you can effectively combat the cold, and make it easier to handle the harsh weather of the winter months. If you're conscious of high heating bills during the winter time and set your thermostat sensibly, bundling up with a comfy blanket can help you feel warm, and save you some money as well.

How A Fur Blanket Can Help You

Fur blankets are typically made out of wool, sheepskin, or all natural furs. Blankets made out of real fur are warmer than blankets made from synthetic materials. And many of the top fur blanket manufacturers, know to use fur cultivated from animals from northern climates. With a good fur blanket, you can easily combat the cold and keep your body warm, without the fear of overheating or sweating during the night. And that's because most furs are naturally able to keep warmth in, without overheating.

Another benefit of furs is how durable they are. Instead of a typical blanket, even materials made of down will tear and wear out and become tattered throughout the years. But blankets made of fur, wool, and sheepskin are built to last year after year without worry since they are more durable and do not become damaged and lose their ability to keep you warm.

Furs are also really easy to clean, too. Most furs are incredibly breathable, so chances are they won't get soaked in sweat overnight. Since they are breathable, all-natural materials, since air seeps through the fabric, they don't get that musky, damp smell that many blankets do, which will require washing or dry cleaning more often. But if they do get dirty, fur types such as sheepskin are self-cleaning, meaning all you need to do is air it out and let it clean on its own before you can go back to using it, fresh as good as new.

So if you're hesitating about purchasing a new fur blanket for your home, don't. A fur blanket is an investment you can't afford to pass up, and during the winter you will thank yourself when you are sitting at home, comfortable and warm. Our website features only the best in fur blankets and other fur-related products, so why wait? Call or click today for more information and to order yours, now!



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