Fur Rugs Guide

Real Blue Fox Fur RugOne fur accessory that can boost the decoration of your home is the fur rugs. Fur is warm and luxurious although most often is very expensive.  When used as fur carpets and fur area rugs either in the living room or bedroom, you can feel the ambiance of the place.

Real fur rugs can be made out of different many different types of fur such as sheepskin, mink, fox, beaver and bear.  These rugs can be available in a variety of colors, designs, styles and shapes.  You can also possibly find unique designs that stand out and will suit any part of your house.  One print that makes fur rugs popular is the animal prints. These prints are so attention-getting because you can feel the outdoors right inside your home.

Real fur rugs can be fox fur rugs, mink fur rugs, bear skin fur rugs, fox fur rugs and more. The fox fur rugs, in particular, is great to place in front of a fireplace.  It can also be made into a warm cover for your chairs, couches and even beds.  When your wall is bare, you can hang a fox fur rug in it.  Foxes are of different types so therefore their hides vary in color and size.  The caribou’s skin can be made into nice looking rugs, warm clothing or wall décor, also.  Bearskin rugs are a great additional to any room as well.

Some people are concerned about the higher prices of real fur rugs.  So they use instead an alternative to costly rugs.  There are faux fur rugs that are more affordable and in great designs as well.  Faux fur is not a real animal fur, but their qualities now have been improved and can almost match that of the real ones.  These rugs are also environmentally friendly.

However, there is a big difference in using real and fake rugs.  Besides the cost, it is in your mind and feeling.  If you use the real fox fur rugs or the real mink fur rugs, you feel good knowing that you have the original.