Tips On How To Clean Fur Garments

Are you looking for some practical tips on how to clean fur coats, shoes, clothing, and other garments?

Clothing made from fur not only provide us an excellent fashion apparel, more importantly, but they also offer lovely and natural insulation to keep us warm and comfortable, especially during the unpredictable cold season of winter.

tips on how to clean fur

That is why many prefer buying garments and clothing made out of genuine fur.

One downside of fur type garments is they can be difficult to clean. With natural materials like fur, dust, dirt debris are difficult to remove. That is one reason why some folks may choose to buy different types of clothing. Never underestimate the power of purchasing a product that is easy to clean, particularly with how busy life can get sometimes.

However, if you can learn proper cleaning care for fur coats and other types of garments, you will find that it can be quite easy after all. Learning these secrets can open up a whole world of fashion and comfort possibilities.


Cleaning Care For Fur Coats

Items made from a fur material can be expensive. Especially when they are made from real animal furs such as rabbit fur or sheepskin.

Aside from being luxurious, they can also be delicate. That is why, as much as possible, we try to take good care of them. However, it’s not practical to entirely avoid dirt or stains, as accidents do happen, so we have to learn how to remove dirt properly from a fur coat (or other apparel made from fur or leather) to preserve its quality.

To guide you on efficient dirt removal from fur, below are some tips on how to properly learn clean care for fur coats, boots, and other clothing and garments for cleaner winter wear.


Tips On How To Clean Fur Garments And Clothing

  1. Shake the fur

To remove both the dust and dirt and rain and snow from the fur item, do not rub or dab it, as the dirt or water may get into the fur and its inner coating and become more difficult to remove. Simply shake to remove dirt and dry it.

  1. Hang it properly

Hang the coat or any garment made from fur in a cool, dry place for a period of time until it dries. Don’t hang it in a closed closet with other articles close by. Give it room to breathe.

  1. Brush

Use a good quality fur brush and brush the clothing while it is hanging. Begin from top to bottom. Be sure, too, that you are brushing it according to the direction of the hair to maintain its quality. If you’re not sure which is the right way, contact the store where you bought it, or an internet search could provide the answer.

  1. Remove the odor

If you are concerned about the odor, simply place the coat or any fur item in a bag along with a small container of ground coffee and store it for some time. The coffee will absorb the odor and makes it fresh smelling.

   5. Homemade solution

If you have stains that need to be removed, do not use a cleaner or solvent. This is a sure way to destroy your garment. Instead, create a solution of equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Spray lightly, and pat the area gently with a cloth. Never rub too hard.

cleaning care for fur coats

Remove Dirt Properly From A Fur Coat

Maintaining a clean garment all the time is part of personal hygiene.

Follow these smart tips on how a dirty fur coat and other items should be cleaned and always wear a clean fur wear.