Trend Alert: Fur Tail Key Chains

294100_675882242427010_504736630_n As many of us are enjoying the beautiful summer weather we have stored away our precious furs and traded them for lighter clothes that will keep us cool on those hot days.  Even though our fur pieces are stored safely for the summer months that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your fabulous fur for good.

The latest trend that has been seen on several celebrities and featured in fashion magazines is the Fur Tail Keychain.  Reality T.V star and up and coming fashion model Kendall Jenner has been seen with her Raccoon Tail Keychain as she runs daily errands or leaves the gym.


The Fur Tail Keychain is a fun way to add a pop of style and excitement to your everyday look.  Whether you decide to attach it to your handbag, keys or your laptop bag you can do no wrong when it comes to these fun accessories. Fursource offers a wide variety of keychains in furs ranging from Coyote to White Fox, the options are endless and they are offered at a great low price so you can enjoy fur without breaking the bank.

Incorporate a Fur Tail Keychain in to your accessories to instantly add glamor and style to every look!