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Lo** ******on
I received the black fox fur cuffs today. I chose the fastest shipping option and they really did arrive in 2 days. The cuffs are very soft and fluffy and true to the photo above. They are like those snap on bracelets from the nineties (if you were a kid in the nineties you'll know what I mean..), it's like a rectangle that you slap on your wrist and it curls around. Very versatile in terms of size, they'll fit no matter what size your wrists are. The only disappointment was the fact that there was a customs charge applied which I had to pay the delivery person. As these come from outside Europe, within Europe you will have to pay a customs charge when you receive the item, which isn't included in the price you pay FurSource when you purchase from them. I live in Austria and I had to pay thirty nine Euros, which is a bit steep when the cuffs themselves cost approximately half of that.



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