The quality of the fur looks excellent. However, I wanted a strip of fur that was slightly longer than that advertised but was told that made to measure was not available and so I ordered two in order to make a fur trim for a hood. The two strips I have now received are different colours and each individual strip is made up of more than one piece of skin. I would have thought that the items sent would have colour matched and as each strip is not a single piece, it would have been possible to make up a single strip in my required size. Despite this, I am sure my seamstress will be able to do a good job in knitting the two together despite the colour difference and I will have a unique item of clothing. The website is clear and easy to use and thanks for the prompt delivery.
7 Year  ago
The pelt was ok, i was expecting a thicker winter fur, however made it into a hood trim and it looks good, great service and quick delivery.
the fur was beautiful, but the fur in the picture looks alot thicker than it is, I thought it would be twice as thick
6 Year  ago
I ordered 2 pieces: one of them is excellent, other is made from 5 small pieces, som of them are very hard.
5 Year  ago
I bought this to replace the faux fur trim on my parka hood. I was told when I called about it that was quite fluffy and perfectly suitable for that purpose. When I got it and opened the package, however, I found it very narrow and thin -- nothing like what I had expected for a hood trim, which is usually quite full and rounded. For the price, I expected more. Shipping was very fast, though.
5 Year  ago
Quality product but was not able to use it for the intended application ...
5 Year  ago
This was a gift to my sister out of state. She was thrilled! I haven't yet seen the pillows, but I hope to soon.
4 Year  ago
I use raccoon fur for fur trim on men's parkas. the thickness is not as pictured although I received the item within two business days.
Good colour match for my needs.
the rug was delivered quickly, and I appreciated the timely manner. I was looking for a larger run and actually wanted a throw, but those were my mistakes, not the company. I use this rug in my pups dog bed and he seems to like it. It is plush and has a good feel.
4 Year  ago
Although I haven't officially received them yet - as my husband won't let me wear them until my birthday on the 9th November, they seem absolutely gorgeous
The mink fur was a bit itchy. Not what I expected. I will try the other furs and hope it is soft and exactly what I wanted.
3 Year  ago
I quite like the look of the scarf although I found it just a bit light weight. Overall a great and versatile piece.
I contemplated buying this shawl for months! So glad that I did. Wore it the night I bought it to a black tie event and got SOO many compliments and people asking me if they can pet it. Ordered it on a monday and received it that friday. Very impressed.
My only complaint is that in parts of the shawl you can see the netting that they sew the fur into. It feels thin in some parts but overall I love it and am willing to overlook my only complaint.
Very excited to wear it for my wedding in 12 days. Gotta lova Canadian winters ;)
3 Year  ago
I love my jacket . Is soft ,real ,good smell ..was a pleasure to shop this site
3 Year  ago
I got my fur on time, however, I was expecting a better piece. My strip looked like a tail because at one end it was a lot thinner than the other. I was hoping for a more even thickness of fur along the whole strip.
3 Year  ago
Great shipping, shawl is good length and appears well made....just not as soft as I would have expected
2 Year  ago
The pelts were not as large, or as thick as my first order. Service and ship time were excellent.
2 Year  ago




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