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    <p>Modern meets rustic in this trendy group of rugs. Our 100% real brindle cow hide rugs are the best in the industry. They’re mainly sourced from Brazil, but can also be from Columbia or Argentina. The cow skin rugs are chrome tanned for outstanding durability, look and feel. They are also stain resistant, so minor spills and scuffs are not cause for major worry. The rugs are backed with natural leather. The brindle pattern is made up of streaks of brown and black, some have white at the edges of the rug; the same colors are used in our <a href="../tricolor-cowhide-rugs-c-277.html">tricolor cowhide rugs</a>. This is a classic pattern that is very flexible in terms of how a person could use it to decorate. It can be used as a rug, throw or mounted on your wall. This type of rug has the ability to work in a variety of design layouts and themes.</p>

About Tricolor / Brindle Cowhides

Add some country feel to your home with one of our beautiful brown, white and black cow skin rugs. Our selection of genuine cowhide rugs is the finest available. The tri-color cow skin rugs are sourced from Brazil and Columbia. They are expertly chrome tanned to craft a cowhide that is durable while also having an incredible look and feel. The rugs are stain resistant so they can stand up to the highest traffic areas of your home. They have their natural leather backing. The black, brown and white cowhide rugs are versatile and beautiful. With a range of patterns and colors you can find a rug that can be used in virtually any room. These and our brown and white cowhide rugs can be used as a rug, couch throw or wall mount, but there are no limits to how you can use one of the tricolor cow hides. These can add a beautiful touch to a room without overtaking the rest of the design.



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