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CowHide Rugs

  • Zebra Cowhide Rugs

    <p>Take a walk on the wild side. These eccentric pieces can add a lot to design concept, just like our <a href="../exotic-fur-rugs-c-254.html">exotic fur rugs</a>. The zebra printed cow hide rugs are 100% genuine leather backed cow hides. The rug is complemented with a stenciled pattern. Our cow skins are expertly tanned, which ensures durability as well as soft, supple leather. Cow skins are naturally stain resistant so you don’t have to worry about small spills or scuffs. They’re offered in a selection of colors and patterns, so you can find one that fits your home’s style and décor. These pieces can be used as a rug, couch throw or wall mount, but the design possibilities are endless. Add one of these playful skins to energize a room.</p>
  • Brown & White Cowhide Rugs

    <p>Let some of your inner cowboy, or cowgirl out. This classic western colorway can add a rugged touch to your decor. The brown and white authentic cowhide rugs come from both Brazil and Columbia. The cowhides are durable, soft, and stunning as they are chrome tanned, the premier tanning process. Because they are chrome tanned, they are stain resistant, which helps you worry a little less when you have company or throw a party. They have a natural leather backing. These are multi-faceted pieces that can be used as a rug, couch throw, wall mount or wherever you find appropriate. It’s ideal for a western style décor, as well as a more eclectic interior design.</p>
  • Black & White Cowhide Rugs

    <p>Spectacular and unique markings make these black &amp; white cowhide rugs perfect for any neutral space and allow you make it your own. Our genuine black and white rugs are sourced from Brazil and Columbia. They are professionally tanned using the chrome tanning process, which ensures durability while providing an exceptional look and feel. These rugs are also stain resistant, so you don’t have to be as worried about messy kids or dirty shoes. It is not only a rug, but can function very well as a couch throw or wall mount. A black and white cow skin rug fits exceptionally within both modern and classic design concepts, just as our off <a href="../white-cowhide-rugs-c-278.html">white cowhide rug</a> collection does. It is a versatile piece that can work as the focal point or a complementary addition to a room.</p>
  • Tricolor / Brindle Cowhides

    <p>Add some country feel to your home with one of our beautiful brown, white and black cow skin rugs. Our selection of genuine cowhide rugs is the finest available. The tri-color cow skin rugs are sourced from Brazil and Columbia. They are expertly chrome tanned to craft a cowhide that is durable while also having an incredible look and feel. The rugs are stain resistant so they can stand up to the highest traffic areas of your home. They have their natural leather backing. The black, brown and white cowhide rugs are versatile and beautiful. With a range of patterns and colors you can find a rug that can be used in virtually any room. These and our <a href="../brown-and-white-cowhide-rugs-c-273.html">brown and white cowhide rugs</a> can be used as a rug, couch throw or wall mount, but there are no limits to how you can use one of the tricolor cow hides. These can add a beautiful touch to a room without overtaking the rest of the design.</p>
  • White Cowhide Rugs

    <p>Let the simplistic design of our white Brazilian rug speak for itself, make it the focal point of your room or offer a more muted look when layered. Our white Brazilian cowhide rugs with natural leather backing look both luxurious and homey, like our <a href="../black-and-white-cowhide-rugs-c-274.html">black and white cowhide rug</a> collection. They’re professionally tanned using the chrome tanning process for durability along with an unmatched look and feel. This piece is stain-resistant making it easy to care for and ideal for high traffic areas around your house. It can be used in many different ways, not just as a rug. These white rugs also work well as throws or mounted on your wall. They add a handsome quality to almost any room. The lighter tone of this cow skin is perfect to contrast against darker colors such as deep, rich wood or black tile.</p>
  • Small Cowhide Rugs

    <p>Now you can really express your personal style, even in a small space. The small cowhide rugs are made from 100% real leather backed cow skins. These rugs come from Brazil and Columbia and are professionally chrome tanned to ensure durability and outstanding overall quality. They’re soft and supple skins that boast a radiant sheen. They are also naturally stain resistant, which makes spot cleaning easier and less frequent. This selection of small cow hide rugs offers a variety of colors and patterns. This ensures that you can find a rug that can work within your existing décor or new design concept. They can be used in any number of ways including as a rug, a throw or a wall mount. Our stunning cow hides are able to work as the central focus of a room or a complementary piece.</p>
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About CowHide Rugs

Naked floors take note. Mass-market floor coverings should be energetically bypassed in favor of the unique and exciting choice that is a cowhide rug. A faux cowhide rug just can’t compare to the quality and look of a natural cow hide. We have an expansive collection of one-of-a-kind 100% genuine cow skins, with a number of colors and patterns. These options include off white, tricolor, brindle and a number of other colorways. Pair a cowhide rug with some fur pillows. Our stunning cowhide rugs are sold using individual product listings unlike our other fur rugs. Each listing has an image of the specific rug that will ship if purchased. The rug you see is the rug you get. These rugs range from a small that’s 25 square feet to a large that’s over 50 square feet.



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