Fur Rugs

  • Sheep Fur Rugs

    Sheep Fur Rugs

    Sheepskin is one of nature's softest, most desirable furs available. Our rugs are made from only the finest pelts available, making for a beautiful sheep fur rug that will add life to any room! Choose from a variety of different styles and colors. Whether you are looking for a door mat, or an entire living room rug, we have the right one for you. Hand picked from the world's most natural and genuine sheepskins, these sheep fur rugs consist of all natural sheepskin pelts - leather on the underside and wool on the top side. Carefully selected for impeccable softness, thickness and durability, these rugs will add a very warm and inviting feel to your home.
  • CowHide Rugs

    CowHide Rugs

    <p>Naked floors take note. Mass-market floor coverings should be energetically bypassed in favor of the unique and exciting choice that is a cowhide rug. A faux cowhide rug just can’t compare to the quality and look of a natural cow hide. We have an expansive collection of one-of-a-kind 100% genuine cow skins, with a number of colors and patterns. These options include off <a href="../white-cowhide-rugs-c-278.html">white</a>, <a href="../tricolor-cowhide-rugs-c-277.html">tricolor</a>, <a href="../brindle-cowhide-rugs-c-275.html">brindle</a> and a number of other colorways. Pair a cowhide rug with some <a href="../fur-pillows-c-125.html">fur pillows</a>. Our stunning cowhide rugs are sold using individual product listings unlike our other <a href="/fur-rugs-c-92_60.html">fur rugs</a>. Each listing has an image of the specific rug that will ship if purchased. The rug you see is the rug you get. These rugs range from a <a href="/small-cowhide-rugs-c-279.html">small</a> that’s 25 square feet to a large that’s over 50 square feet.</p>
  • Exotic Fur Rugs

    Exotic Fur Rugs

    Beautify your home with an exotic fur rug from Fur Source. Our real fur rugs can be found in styles like lush grey fox fur pelts and classic <a href="http://www.fursource.com/sheepskin-rugs-c-92_98.html">sheep fur</a>. White fur rugs will add a pristine touch to your bedroom or living room, while our multicolored designs add pizzazz to your living quarters. Our fur rugs for sale are also available in rustic hides with the appeal of genuine reindeer, white tail deer, or bison designs. These accessories can be easily laid out on your floor to impress any guest to your home. Enjoy a warm evening in front of the fire with the comfort of these beautiful fur rugs.
  • White Fur Rugs

    White Fur Rugs

  • Black Fur Rugs

    Black Fur Rugs

  • Buffalo Robe / Bison Hide Rugs

    Buffalo Robe / Bison Hide Rugs

    Reinvent a timeless and versatile piece of natural beauty. A bison hide can be used as a rug, throw blanket, robe or for hide painting. Genuine buffalo robes have dense fur with striking inherent color; deep, dark brown is accented by notes of golden caramel. Buffalo hide rugs have a soft and supple leather underside. Add a rustic, handsome element to your home décor with a premium <a href="/buffalo-rugs-tanned-hides-robes-p-345.html">buffalo hide rug</a>. A gorgeous bison blanket is a presence in a room; it adds warmth, texture and organic charm. It’s a perfect décor accessory in your home, ranch, cottage or ski lodge.
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Reindeer Hide Rug Reindeer Hide Rug Reindeer Hide Rug
Freshly commercial tanned Large Caribou Reindeer Hides from Finland--soft, supple and high quality. These pelts are winter coats so they are extremely thick, warm and plush. Add one to your home as a stunning floor...
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About Fur Rugs

What adds more natural warmth and comfort to a room than a Real Fur Rug? Offering unique elegance, these gorgeous floor coverings are available in a selection of options, from silver indigo fox to tanned caribou hides. Each fur type confers new dignity and comfort on the room it adorns. Some of our more handsome rugs in beaver and coyote fur or our Sheep Fur Rugs, deliver immediate fashion statements to the space they beautify. So bypass those big-box-hawked, man-made, synthetic-fiber-constructed rugs and opt for the real deal the next time you’re looking to cover up a bare patch of floor. These Real Fur Rugs are sure to liven up your space with as much edge as grace. If you're also ready to go that extra mile, then why not add some additional fur compliments with a Fur Pillow and a matching Fur Blanket.



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