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For those Real Fur lovers out there who are always on the hunt for opportunities to add the Finest Furs to their lives, we make it easy with an abundance of commercially tanned Fur Pelts, Trims, Plates & Pieces. Full Pelts & Plates are often used by manufacturers of fur hats, coats, blankets, and other home accessories. But we make our assortment of Genuine Furs available to anyone with creative plans for any type of project! Fur pelts consist of skin leather, guard hairs and under fur. The guard hairs are the long glossy hairs that overlay the shorter, denser under fur. The guard hairs help to repel moisture in addition to protecting the under fur from damage. The under fur primarily serves to insulate the skin, especially in cold climates. For this reason, furs from northern areas are generally higher in quality and of more value than those from southern regions. Fur "primeness" refers to the degree of development of the animal's winter pelt. All furbearing animals undergo at least one annual molt. Summer pelts are thin and flat and are of little or no value as furs. In the fall, as the days begin to shorten. the winter fur grows in. Although many people think that low temperatures cause pelts to prime, the primary process is actually regulated by photo period (day length). Weather can make some differences, however. For example a cloudy, gray fall will cause furs to prime up more quickly than they would in a bright, sunny fall because of the difference in light levels. The most popular furbearing pelts & skins include coyote, red and gray fox, bobcat, fisher, raccoon, skunk, mink, otter, beaver, muskrat, and opossum. These Pelts & Plates are also often used as a Fur Rug accent, which are just as beautiful are our Cow Hide Rugs.

Recent Reviews About our Fur Pelts & Trim

Reindeer Hide Rug Reindeer Hide Rug
Verified Buyer

Monica from Beaumont, Texas USA
September 29, 2018

"I’m thrilled beyond measure with my hide from you ... I am greatly attached to an antique Persian carpet that has a worn area, so by putting the hide at 45 degree angle under the sofa peeping out it is right on trend from all of the home fashion ideas of the moment.. so very pleased."

Beaver Fur Pelts / Tanned Skins Beaver Fur Pelts / Tanned Skins
Verified Buyer

David from San Francisco, CA. USA
July 12, 2018

"They're not just beautiful, they're exquisite! I'll have to order at least 1 more, as the 2 I received will be used for something other than what I originally intended. I had planned to use one for the collar on a jacket, to replace the synthetic one that it has. When these arrived, I laid them over the back and seat of chair I sit in to watch TV. For now, that's where they will stay!"

Reindeer Hide Rug Reindeer Hide Rug
Verified Buyer

Russel from Brisbane, Australia
May 30, 2018

"We could not be happier! The quality of service is matched only by the fast postage and excellent product. Our hide is thrown over the head of our leather lounge and it looks fantastic. Australian retailers are wondering why people like us shop from sites like fursource...the difference is evident. This is an outstanding retailer and thoroughly recommended."

Reindeer Hide Rug Reindeer Hide Rug
Verified Buyer

Em from USA
April 19, 2018

"Bought a reindeer rug for my boyfriend this past Christmas. I was looking for a certain contrast in color and the lady looked through their stock and sent me pictures. Very helpful, very nice. Definitely recommend."

XL Sheared Beaver Fur Pelts / Tanned Skins XL Sheared Beaver Fur Pelts / Tanned Skins
Verified Buyer

Selene from Omaha, NE
January 17, 2018

"I am using this pelts to redesign a lambskin coat that I have . The furrier I am working with was extremely impressed with the pelts, they were really good size and so close in color I couldn't be happier"

Rabbit Fur Pelt Rabbit Fur Pelt
Verified Buyer

Atsaruaq from Nunam Iqua, Alaska
October 14, 2017

"I needed some good rabbit fur to make booties for my newborn girl and since trapping season isn't open yet, I decided to buy some. I'm very pleased with this company and the furs I received. If I need more furs in the future, I will definitely use Fur Source again. Quyana."

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