Full Pelt Coyote Fur Pillow

Full Pelt Coyote Fur Pillow

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  • 100% Authentic Coyote Fur
  • full pelt - wild, fluffy fur
  • each pillow is unique - pattern and color may vary
  • 1 or 2 sided fur
  • 1 side fur with suede backside
  • sewn on all sides
  • pillow stuffing included
  • 2 sizes available or custom
  • Matching blanket sold separately. Model number: PA-BR-COYOTE
  • Brand: frr
  • Made in USA


A genuine Coyote Fur full pelt pillow would be a great accent to your home decor. Coyote fur is wild and fluffy with long guard hairs and dense underfur, making this fur extremely durable and warm. The fur is often a pale grey or tan color with a thick, paler underfur. Because these pelts are natural and unique, each pillow will differ in color and pattern. With two sizes available and custom sizes on request, you'll be sure to find the With an option of double sided fur or single sided with a suede backside, this pillow comes already stuffed and sewn on all sides.

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