Full Pelt Grey Fox Fur Rug

Model # C-BR-NTGRY
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  • Natural Grey Fox fur pelts
  • Features soft luscious and full grey fox fur
  • Tones of peppery gray and reddish-brown fur
  • Felt backing for added durability and cushion
  • Best used as a rug, couch throw, or bedspread
  • Measure 48 x 72 inches (122x183cm)
  • Brand: FRR Logo About the frr brand
  • Made in USA Made in USA
  • Origin Assured Origin Assured

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This Grey Fox fur rug is made with only the best quality real Grey Fox fur pelts. It is professionally hand crafted from full Grey Fox hides for the best quality available. The Grey Fox fur features tones of peppery gray and reddish-brown fur, accompanied by a soft velvet backing. It can be used as a rug as well as a couch throw or blanket.

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