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Fur Coats For Women

  • Fur Jackets

    Fur Jackets

    <p>Real fur jackets at real prices! All of our jackets are professionally made, giving them a look like none other. Luxury has never felt so great. These 100% genuine fur jackets will not only keep you warm this winter, they'll keep you feeling great too! Real mink fur jackets available at factory direct prices, never dream about owning a mink fur jacket again! Own one today! Our other assorted fur jackets come in different styles and colors that will suit any look. Whether you're looking for a jacket for an upcoming party, or looking for one to keep toasty warm this winter, we have the right one for you!</p>
  • Fur Gilets / Vests

    Fur Gilets / Vests

    <p>Fur is the buzz word in fashion once more. The message is clear - whether you love it, hate it, protest against it -- fur has come out of storage. The latest fashion trends have shown us that fur gilets / vests have been favored by many of the top designers this season. From the runways of Toronto and New York and even to Milan, fur gilets have been shown in Mongolian lamb, sheep, Rex Rabbit and fox. All of our gilets are 100% genuine fur and are absolutely stunning.</p> <p>Today's modern update on the traditional fur jacket is the <strong>fun fur gilet</strong>. Simple, yet stunning, these fur gilets will wow your friends. Fur gilets are being worn with jeans, leggings, skirts and dress pants. The variety of designs is quite sophisticated, even stunning. These gilets are perfect for fall, winter and early spring. They can be seen on pages of magazines and websites being worn by media personalities, celebs and by just regular people on the streets. Day wear and even, yes, evening wear, fur gilets are favored for their fashion statement as well as for their practical warmth.</p> <p>Fur has been worn by humans since the earliest recorded history. It was probably originally worn out of obvious necessity. First used for warmth during cold winter months, fur has maintained this use and provided us with many other uses. Fur was once associated with wealth and status but this exclusivity is no longer. Some modern designers have made fur fun, desirable and affordable to those who wish to purchase fur gilets. Whether you prefer your fur gilet to be made of long, wavy, silky hair like Mongolian lamb or silkier, denser fur resembling chinchilla as in Rex Rabbit, purchasing as fur gilet is still a status symbol of taste and will probably remain so for many years to come.</p>
  • Mink Coats

    Mink Coats

    <p>Stop wishing you owned a mink coat and find yourself the perfect one here. Mink coats are extremely warm and a natural insulator which makes them perfect for the winter. The warmth provided by a mink coat far exceeds that of a regular winter parka and you'll be able to wear a coat like this on the coldest of days. Mink fur is known as a very precious fur that has a super sleek look, one of the most glamorous fur coats around but despite its beautiful exterior it is also quite durable if taken care of properly. Mink coats are very versatile and are great to be worn casually or dressed up. - We offer many different styles of mink coats such as the knitted or reversible coats, you also have a wide variety of colors to choose from such as natural mahogany, whiskey or the always popular sleek jet black. Browse through our different lengths as well, the short mink jacket perfect for any occasion or the more traditional and glamorous full length 52" coat that will keep you extra warm. We only use the finest mink fur available which means you can rest assured that you are buying the softest and most luxurious mink fur coat available. Mink coats are timeless and you will be able to wear it for years to come while still looking just as fabulous as you did the day you bought it.</p>
  • Fox Fur Coats

    Fox Fur Coats

    <p>Show off your bold style when you wear a dramatic fox fur coat from Fur Source. A variety of colors and styles are excellent to showcase your individual fashion sense. These real fox fur coats will keep you warm in the fall or winter. Our red fox fur coats come alive with brazen tones, while our silver fox fur coats are enhanced with gloss and shine. As soft and stylish as our <a href="">mink coats</a>, this collection of fox fur coats can be found in cropped jackets or trendy <a href="">vest</a> designs.</p>
  • Rabbit Fur Coats

    Rabbit Fur Coats

    <p>Live lavishly with a decadent rabbit fur coat from Fur Source. These real fur coats are crafted with 100% genuine rabbit fur in a rainbow of shades. Our fur coats for women can be found in full-length styles or as a stylish light <a href="">jacket</a>. Our fur coats for sale include contrasting designs with fox fur collars and cuffs. These regal styles come alive with exciting patterns and durable facets to withstand the years with proper care. Peruse our selection of <a href="">men's fur coats</a> to find a complementing jacket for your male friends or family members.</p>
  • Luxury Fur Coats

    Luxury Fur Coats

  • Fur Trim Coats

    Fur Trim Coats

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About Fur Coats For Women

It’s time to abolish any long-held perceptions about Fur Coats & Vests being the exclusive domain of the rich and famous alone. Our luxurious Men’s & Women’s Fur Coats are as affordable to purchase as they are lovely to behold. And no one needs to pick between fashion and function here. Lucky for you, our fine furs don’t stop at that. We have a large range of ladies' Mink Fur Coats, Fox Fur Coats, Rabbit Fur Coats, along with Shearling Sheepskin, Mongolian Lamb, and Raccoon Fur Jackets and Vests. Each piece is as ravishing as they are warm because nothing offers the same kind of cozy warmth that these thick, naturally insulated, sumptuous pelts do. Knitted, sculptured, printed, hooded, short, long, full-length, these 100% Authentic Fur Jackets are available in an impressive variety of colors and styles. No matter which fur you treat yourself to, you can be assured that your splendid new Genuine Fur Gilet, Jacket, or Coat will do the trick.



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