Mink Fur Pelt / Tanned Skin - Mahogany

Mink Fur Pelt / Tanned Skin - Mahogany

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  • 100% Authentic Mink Fur
  • commercially garment tanned
  • Length including tail: 34-38 inches
  • Width: 3-5 inches
  • short silky soft guard hairs, shorter underfur
  • soft and supple Leather underside
  • pelt is cased
  • Brand: frr
  • Made in Canada


High quality North American Mink Fur Skins are garment tanned and available cased (closed). The guard hair is coarse and soft with exceptionally dense and compact underfur, giving off a lustrous sheen. Mink fur has a uniquely soft feel and is perfect for making fur clothing, hats, or even teddy bears.

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