White Fox Fur Rug

Model # C-BR-WHTFO
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  • Finland Ranch Raised White Fox Fur
  • Full skin Fox pelts are dyed a consistent white color
  • Fox Fur is naturally long and fluffy
  • Felt backing for added durability and cushion
  • Best used as sofa throw, rug, or accent piece
  • Size measures 48 x 72 inches (122x183cm)
  • Brand: FRR Logo About the frr brand
  • Made in USA Made in USA
  • Origin Assured Origin Assured

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This Finland Ranch Raised White Fox fur rug is custom made from the highest quality whole pelts (not pieces). Professionally crafted with exceptional quality, this White Fox fur rug will last for many years. This 48 x 72 inch rug is the perfect addition to any room in your house or lodge and can also be used as a fur throw or blanket.

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